Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A hole in the head's better than a hole in your coffee cup

I have a confession: I have a strange obsession that may be the result of too much Dora or not enough sleep... Probably a combination. But I digress...

My recent obsession has centered around my middle child. You know, the ball of fire, boundless energy, louder than an air horn boy? Yeah. That child.

He has taken to rolling his eyes while smiling at the attention I have been giving him over his recent physical change that has triggered this weird distraction. I simply canNOT stop photographing him because DANG IT! This change has me all loopy!! I can't even listen to his stories about which girl in class thinks he's cute (don't even get me started...) or which Pokemon can defeat a water type (not that I can really listen to that, anyway...). Instead, my eyes keep drifting to that cute little space. I continually interrupt him to say "Wait! Hold that thought. I need another picture!"

Can you blame me?

This picture doesn't do it justice...

Hmmm. Better, but still not clear enough for my weird enjoyment....
Prying open his mouth to get a better shot. Can you see the bulge in his cheek? Yeah. That would be a fruit chew before school. Don't judge me.
Does it look like I'm pulling too hard?
Can you blame me? Isn't that just so adorable you want to, well, eat him up or something??? I think he secretly loves the attention I'm giving him. Which is good, because I can't HELP it. I am actually giddy over the thought of him losing his uppers!!! EEEEeeeeiiiEEE!!!

I know. I know. I have issues. But this is my life, peeps. This is what is occupying my itty bitty brain....
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