Friday, December 29, 2006

No more boobies

Corinne's doing better, thanks. We filled her prescription for her ear infections this morning, and have been doing the Motrin/Tylenol combo today. She was SO much happier! Did my heart worlds of good to see her actually playing and smiling today! She just slept and was so groggy and awful yesterday... She ate and drank fairly well (though not anywhere near to normal) and is upstairs asleep right now. I am chugging on Tylenol (liquid, can't swallow pills) to combat this headache but other than that, doin ok.

Corinne is officially done nursing. I am officially depressed over this. I feel old. I feel gypped. I feel like I didn't appreciate the last nursing session we had. I was probably hurried and ready to get the presents under the tree... I am actually breaking down right now... I need to get this out of my system, I suppose, but I feel foolish, being so very sad over my baby not breastfeeding anymore... I know, I know. It's ok and natural and normal, but I can't explain how much it hurts when she turns her head away from me. I didn't expect a cold turkey weaning this time around. It hurt when Evan did it and it hurts even more now, knowing she's my last baby... I am slowly stopping the pumping. My body continues to make milk for a long time after breastfeeding so I will probably have to do this for a while. I refuse to just suffer through the rock hard boobs for 2 weeks. Nuh-uh. Sigh...

I think I just need a good cry.
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