Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Because a rooster by any other name would be a, well, you know...

Before I commence with this nugget of parenting gold, let me set the scene. My kids and I spent the day at our homeschooling group's weekly gathering. Today's theme was focused on China and its customs, so our kids did everything from cooking in the church kitchen (Justin chopped tofu and broccoli, though he ate only the almond cookies...) to making abacus*, to creating lapbooks with all sorts of tidbits about China. We had a really interesting time and came home loaded down with papers. Naturally, the most interesting item for my children was the Chinese Zodiac and figuring out who was born into what animal year. So, when a friend came over tonight to hang out for a bit, they just HAD to share the wealth. The conversation that was overheard is all the more hysterical when you take into account that they have absolutely no idea as to the double meaning of their words...

Justin: "Hey! I'm the rabbit. That's why I'm so fast and super speedy. Mommy's the dragon. That is SO cool. But it says she's 'eccentric'. "

Evan: "What's 'eccentric' mean?"

Justin: "Crazy."

Evan: "Ohhh. That fits!"

lots of laughter...

Evan: "I'm the horse! It says I'm attractive and popular! YES! But I can't marry the rat. Who'd want to marry a rat, anyway?" Squeaking and neighing filled the air as they pictured a wedding between the two animals...

"I'm a rooster! Mommy said so." Corinne needed no further information than this. She then bawked and did a chicken walk while the boys continued reading their different fortunes and traits.

Friend: "I'm a rabbit, too!"

Justin: "That's because we're the same age!"

Friend: "Oh, yeah."

Justin: "Mine says I cannot marry the cock."

Friend: "Yeah, that's our opposite. We should really stay away from the cock."

Evan: "Whatever you do, Don't go for the Cock!"

Corinne: "No Cock! No Cock!"

And on and on...


Meanwhile, their incredibly mature mother was doubled over her glass of wine** in fits of snorting giggles befitting any 14 year old. Because the BEST PART?

They have NO CLUE.

* abacuses? Abaci? I am too lazy to spell check. Much easier to write this addendum instead.

** Long day. A long day that started with me forgetting to drink my coffee*** and reacting poorly to the smoke that poured out of the kitchen at the church****

***I don't know how it is possible that I forgot to do something as basic as breathing...

****Not Justin's fault!
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