Thursday, August 30, 2007

A word to the wise on politeness:

Dear Kindergarten Mom at pick-up today,

Just so you know, I do not appreciate being chatted up to at kindergarten pick-up by a fellow mom, only to be dragged into an elaborate attempt at scoring another person for your make-up marketing thingy. I do not appreciate that I feel like a fool. A fool who thought somebody wanted to be my friend, or at least acquaintance and actually just wanted another salesperson under her belt. For your information, I don't give a flying fart if Arb0nne is made in America or is herbal or whatever. I thought you were desperate for adult conversation and, though I didn't feel a great connection right away, I continued chatting with you as you seemed to need someone to talk to. I felt SORRY for you and your apparent lack of available time to know what the weather was going to be for you are SOOOOO busy. Also, your attempt at making your business venture sound wonderful was sooooo far off the mark. Do you not see that I am sitting on the concrete with my WalMart crop pants, t-shirt and no make up, while playing "find the ants" with my almost 2 year old? If anything, I looked so incredibly crunchy-Mommy that I'm surprised you even considered me a possibility! Do you think I am the type of person who would be interested in selling cosmetics? Do I scream SALESPERSON? Do I appear to want a career that will make it even harder for me to parent my kids the way I so desperately try to achieve?

No. I'm sure you could see the error of your attempt and the loss of another potential client when I figured out your scheme. I'm sure you could see my face go from supportive fellow mother, "way to go for YOU and your ventures!" to annoyed and disgruntled mom, half smiling and nodding while feeding her child Honey Nut Oh's. Puh-lease.


The scruffy mom that sits on the dirty sidewalk while everyone else stands...
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