Thursday, October 05, 2006

A living nightmare...

Are you ready for the scariest sleepwalking experience ever? I mean, so scary, I actually thought it was true and was shaking!!

Ok. Here goes.

Last night, around 12:00, I heard Justin get up to use the bathroom. I saw him walk back into his room and that's when I thought, "I need to check and make sure everyone's here."

I went to the boys' room. 2 kids. check.

I went to the baby's room. 1 baby. Check.

Found my husband lying on the bed where I left him. check.

But I still couldn't find Mr. Oleson.

WHERE was Mr. Oleson? I checked each room again, getting more and more frantic.
I went downstairs. Looked at the computer desk (in case he was checking late night emails).


I checked in the bathrooms, the laundry room, and the bedrooms again. I was actually heading OUTSIDE to see if his car was still here, when I realized...

Mr. Oleson doesn't live here. No. He lives on LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.

I swear to God, I was getting frantic and hysterical. I couldn't find him!
That's what happens when you fall asleep watching reruns.

But the first thing that crossed my mind once I realized I was having an insanity attack? Blog it!


We are off to the zoo today! It's a bit chilly, but we have the sweatshirts and are ready to go. The kids are wearing their Halloween shirts and look so cute!

Added: We had fun at the zoo! Great weather. Animals weren't so active (Surprisingly...) but the kids were glad to be outside. My niece was FREAKED by the cockatoo that kept "singing" though...

Here are some of the WONDERFUL topics Evan decided to discuss with me on the car ride home:

"Mommy? Don't you just love it when you wipe your butt after going poopies and there's nothing there? "

"Mommy? When I was borned, was I all bloody like that baby rhino on the film?"
"Was Justin bloody? Was Corinne?"
"When did Daddy come out of your tummy?" (Ummmm... huh?)
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