Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In which I rant and rave...

Ok. People. I have to bitch and groan here, or else I'll actually reach out and smack the people that I see in person committing this crime. And it IS a crime.

There are seatbelts in your car for a reason. It is ILLEGAL for your car to be moving without every person strapped into it. This means Every. Single. Time. You. Drive. It does not exclude the quick trip to school. In fact, it should be especially important that you strap them in on the way to and from school! My van does not leave my parking space or driveway until all of the passengers are buckled. Period. The most accidents that can be preventable injuries are those that occur going under 40 mph. However, if you AREN'T STRAPPED IN, guess what? You will fly forward. Or backward. Through a window, or onto another passenger. And guess what??? These injuries can be really, really serious.

I am sickened every morning and afternoon during school pick ups and drop offs by the number of children that are hopping around in the back and front seats. Little kids! We're talking not only 10 and under but also 5 and under! Not only should those little ones be in seats with belts, but in CAR SEATS or boosters!

I see moms opening up the back of mini-vans and letting a good 10 kids out of the back. THE BACK. Where there aren't even seats to begin with! I live in a middle-class, educated, family-oriented neighborhood. We're talking about people that not only "should" know better, but DO know better. I understand their mentality... I DO. They are looking at the 4 minute ride to school and the hassle of strapping kids in that don't want to go with big brothers and sisters out into the freezing cold. It's early or it's naptime, kids are grumpy, mom is frazzled, it seems like no big deal to just do it every once in a while.

Well. It's a huge deal. Not only for your innocent children, but for every other driver on the road who may end up crushing you when a dog runs into the road and hitting you at 25 mph while you're going 25 mph from the opposite direction. That other driver may have to live with the knowledge that, while not their fault, they were involved in the death or disfigurement of somebody's babies.

It takes 30 seconds to get everyone buckled. And if they're throwing a fit and it takes 10 minutes? Well, I guess you're going to be late. But at least you'll be alive when you get there.
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