Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Speaking Literally

It was another typical day for Evan. Recently, his attitude and mouth have gotten a little too big for his britches (love that phrase). After listening to yet another rude response to my request, he was sent to his room. (Ok, that is a nice way of saying he was in the backyard, yelling at me and I was at the back door yelling at him and all the neighbors were wondering at the banshee who can't control her child.)

I let that kid stew for quite some time. I smugly did the dishes, straightened up and then FINALLY strolled upstairs to do a lengthy lecture. I shook my finger and had very angry eyebrows as I reminded him that I AM THE QUEEN and what I say IS the Final Answer.

"I expect an apology, young man. A very long apology where you tell me why you're sorry and what you won't do again."


"Oh no! I said a LONG APOLOGY! A loooooong one, kiddo."

Confused, he scrunched his face and smoke began to puff out of his ears from the concentration. With complete seriousness he tried to accommodate my specifications:



Twitch, twitch.

Snort and snuffle. Keep your shit together! DO NOT LOSE IT!

I lost the battle and the tears flowed as we laughed our heads off.

Yet again, Evan's cuteness saved his butt.

Wonder how long that will work for him?
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