Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hair, hair, everywhere there's hair!

Ok, folks. I did it! My long hair, it is chopped and in a bag, ready to be shipped off to Locks of Love. My head is lighter, shinier and RED! Aaaiiiieeee!!!I wrote a post previously about my sudden desire to donate my long hair. After writing it, I was contacted by Melissa of Woolgatherings about a call to donate in the blogosphere. Please click on over and consider donating chunks of your do sometime this year (it might need to grow for a while!)Holy moly, I look old and tired... I swear, I'm only 31. It was FLOURESCENT lights, 8 pm, and no make up. ..

My hairdresser was having a ball taking pics!

AAACK!! 2 10 inch pigtails. Looking hot in that green cape! You can see my natural hair color (with, ahem, WAY too many gray and white streaks) here.

I love my new do!! Please feel free to sling compliments my way, and I will send you a big prize in the mail. (ok, I won't, but I will comment back and say thank you, which is just as good, right?)

Not the best picture as it's really dark behind me, but I have an angle cut towards my chin. It's cute, easy to take care of, and I can still tuck it behind my ears or pull the top back in a little barrette on those days when my hair might not be so, um, clean...

Here's the red this morning! Evan was really impressed that I "colored" my hair. I hear Corinne waking up... I wonder what her reaction will be!

I suddenly feel younger! It's also a great way to lose a pound in 30 seconds....

Let me hear it, peeps!

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