Monday, October 24, 2011


I keep singing this song today...

We bought six doughnuts at Dunkin Donuts to celebrate her sixth trip around the sun...
We have six days until her party where she would like to have a rock and roll/wedding cake with tiers, flowers and sparkles, but no pink, please.

This kid. This little girl is freaking awesome. She is the one who woke up last night when I was having a bad, bad dream (complete with crying and shouting). She is the one who comforted me and, in desperation to make me feel better when stroking my head didn't work, flung herself upon me and woke me up. She is the one who convinced me that I wasn't holding a giant, poisonous snake in my hand. While all the men in the household slept completely unaware, the women gathered together and combined forces.

She is super strong and crazy sensitive. Brilliant and beautiful, fearless and curious. She amazes me every day.





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