Sunday, October 21, 2007

2nd Birthday!

Whew! My baby's 2nd birthday party was yesterday! She was so freakin cute, and had such a good time. She even blew out her own candles!!(after I had to relight them when Evan blew them out first... Grrr..) It was a beautiful day so they got to play outside, the boys had a sword fight in the basement and Corinne totally figured out how to open her presents "by myself, Evan! Gimmmeeee space!" She got dress up clothes, a cuddly princess, pots and pans for her kitchen, and other girly stuff (since we have plenty of neutral and boy stuff, trust me!) She oohed and aaahed over every present, which was so sweet! Her little face went into the "O" expression when she'd open a present, even with the clothes!

I would like to say that her absolute favorite present was the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (and yes, I did read the customer reviews before buying it. The slide does fall off easily, but she totally doesn't care. She LOVES the Clubhouse!) that we bought for her, and it'd be almost true. Her other favorite present was a Shrek musical birthday card. Yes. A card. She was a rockin and rollin to that song all night long! A.Dor.Able.

Other than a broken sit n spin (still not sure how it got taken outside to begin with) the house is no worse for the wear. I have lots of leftovers so I know what we're having for dinner tonight!! Don't you just love party leftovers? Best thing about parties...

We're headed off to a pumpkin farm today with Cub Scouts where we'll also see a Civil War reenactment which should be really cool. Guns! Cannons! Yeeesssss!!!!! The boys will love it.
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