Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Update

As a mom that homeschools, summer is my time to regroup, reorganize and rethink what and how I plan on teaching the next school year. So my past few days have been spent building shelving and pulling everything into one spot on my living room floor. There are piles and stacks and boxes and random pamphlets and scraps of paper with Brilliant Ideas scrawled across them. I am surrounded by clutter consisting of glitter, screwdrivers, flash cards and empty packing boxes. Add the recent Absolute Grounding of my middle child (don't ask) and I have had scarce little time to be online.

Amuse yourself with photos from our Father's Day BBQ at my parents' house. We had an absolute BLAST.
Justin's gotten SO BIG. I cannot believe that he's exactly as tall as I am...
Dads are experts at flinging children over their heads.
Patrick got quite the work out on Sunday! He tossed all 3 of my kids and a cousin to boot...
I was there! See me?
The Man I love. Happy Father's Day, indeed, baby.
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