Friday, June 17, 2011

The things they say..

How long have I been parenting? 12 years? You'd think I'd know better by now...

Scene: Red minivan. Driving somewhere. Doing something. Can't remember. Doesn't really pertain to the "scene" anyway...
Evan: Remember when I didn't know how to say "asphalt?"

Me: No.

Evan: You don't remember? You don't remember what I used to call it?

Me: No.

Evan: It was so funny. And so BAD. You really don't remember?? (grinning devilishly)

Me: No. (You'd think I would have caught on, but I actually said the next line.) What did you call it?

Evan: It's bad. It's reallllly bad.

Me: (finally interested enough to turn down the radio) Do tell. What did you call asphalt?

Evan: (with incredibly well-timed, dramatic flair) Oookay. You said I could say it...

Me: (looking in rear-view mirror)

Evan: I used to call asphalt.... Ass-Cock.

Me: (guffawing) Yeah. That IS realllly bad...This is where I wish I could blame public school for his mouth. Sadly, it's all on our shoulders...
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