Monday, June 13, 2011

I Want to Bottle This Day and Sell it Like Crack

Ever have a day where you look back and wonder at the awesomeness that is yourself?

Not to pat myself on the back too hard, but damn! I had an accomplished day! Especially since it was all just off the cuff. Even more amazing when you realize that, at 9:03 am, I was relaxing with a cup of coffee while my children slept in. At 9:04, my Facebook status read:
Ahhhh.. the first really unscheduled day of our summer! We are doing NOTHING and going NOWHERE...
And then, at 9:05 I realized that it was MONDAY and that Mondays in June mean basketball camp for Evan!!

I do believe I shouted a few profanities at this point.

Shockingly enough, all children were awake, dressed and fed by 9:55 so that I was walking out the door with Evan, Corinne and a bag of activities to occupy Corinne. Evan wasn't crying about camp and I was cautiously optimistic that he would make it through the class without getting upset and quitting. (Last week's class was a Parenting Fail. Let's just leave it at that.)

ANYway! Many shots were made, balls were dribbled and sweaty smiles were beamed at me from the court. I was incredibly impressed with myself, even though I hadn't showered and the mother next to me was looking quite lovely with her 4 perfectly coiffed children. Sigh... This was the only bump in the day though...

The day continued to be marvelous. I cleaned the counter that had begun to require its own zip code and found several pairs of missing sunglasses and nail clippers. I walked with all 3 kids to the park and then around the block just for the hell of it! (I KNOW!) Justin and I took our first nightly bike ride to encourage living a healthier lifestyle. I dog-eared several pages of Melisa's book, Chicken in the Car and the Car Won't Go, so that I can find the spots we want to visit this summer. Dishes were washed! TWICE! I watched Patrick and Corinne play soccer in the backyard while I weeded our garden. Kids have showered! Laundry has been done! I agreed to letting Evan have a friend sleep over because the house is moderately clean-ish and I am in a good mood. I even COOKED DINNER. All in the same day!

Somebody tell me what I did correctly. PLEASE. Please tell me what happened last night or this morning or with the moon that allowed me to end the day (it's only 7:34!) feeling so accomplished!! What is different? How do I replicate this forward-motion emotion?*

Alas, alas, alas**, Life is never that easily controlled or created. Today was today and tomorrow will be tomorrow...

*I think I need to trademark that line: Forward-Motion Emotion. I LOVE IT.

**Heh. It's still funny!

Garden 2011 Status: Nothing is dead. This is remarkable. A few wimpy weeds dared to make their presence known and met a fate worse than death. Well, maybe not WORSE than death, since they were merely tossed over the edge of the fencing to the grass where they will most likely re-root and grow again. But I WEEDED, damnit. This should be accounted for.


sheila said...

WONDERFUL! And great line indeed! I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the end note about the garden! LOL. Too funny!

btw, thanks for stopping by today. and I just put up a giveaway!

Brandie said...

Please, please send some of that energy my way. Better yet, next time you feel like being that energetic, just come over here and take care of my stuff, please? LOL!
And yeah on weeding and gardening. Will we get to see pictures (or did you show them already and I missed them).

mep said...

It's the days like that one that keep us going! The ones where things get done, fun is had, some sense of order and tidy achieved ... my day yesterday wasn't terrible but it was more one of endless cycles of he-hit-me-so-I-hit-him-back, tears, and deafness to sound of my voice. I hope today is a good one for both us of us!

Unknown said...

LOVE this post! So glad to hear you had an awesome day, even if it was just one day...hopefully the Forward-motion Emotion will continue

If you DO figure out a way to bottle that and sell it, lemme know! I'll buy a ton =)

Shari said...

You say they were up and dressed like they usually sleep later. When does that start? Our girls still wake up about 7:00 am each morning. I dream of the day when they sleep a bit longer. It's not that I think I'll get more sleep, but I'd adore the quiet.

Michelle said...

Showoff ;)

Seriously, I don't know what you did, but GO WITH IT. And do it again. Then come over here to my house and do it yet again. I'm ummm still not showered today ;)

kailani said...

I think I work better under pressure, too. That's why I always prefer procrastinate. LOL!

I'm very proud of you for getting it all done! Great job! *patting you on the back*

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nmaha said...

I'm in awe!

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