Thursday, June 02, 2011

I got nothing but photo ops.

Not a single, solitary witty word is left within me.

Feel free to suggest captions for the following photos. I may or may not give appropriate credit where it is due, depending on how the mood strikes me. Right now my mood is screaming "BITCHY! DON'T BRING ANY PUPPIES WITHIN KICKING DISTANCE!" so I wouldn't get my hopes up too high if I were you.

Enjoy.Indy 500. No kids. Beer.
Chevy Tahoe. Also no kids. Alas, no beer. Alas, it is no longer mine to use...
(Now say "alas" several times in a row. It brings a smile to my face...)

Memorial Day 2011
The Tahoe again...

"NO! i do Not want to Play Right Now"
She may not always be friendly, but at least she can spell.

Chicago's Millennium Park and Art Institute field trip
Several cartwheels. No head injuries.
"I am too cool to play in a water fountain. I am TWELVE. Du-uuuhhh!"

Hmmm. I found a few captions, after all. This is what happens when Blogger requires so damn long to download (upload?) photos.

Also, it appears as though I missed my 5 year blogaversary. I had plans people. PLANS. This only adds to my overall bitchiness tonight. This calls for wine. Alas, alas, alas....
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