Thursday, June 16, 2011

Me and My Big Mouth

This is what happens when you pat yourself on the back.

You end up with 3 children who are so outrageously misbehaved that you split in half and lose your ever-loving mind* and strip the entire household of screen privileges. No tv, video games, DS, or computer.

No computer. Entire Household.

Yeah. Slightly idiotic move on one mother's part.
(raises hand) (briskly slaps herself with it)

But we've been... quieter. Slower. CLEANER (yay!). We've been playing more board games and riding our bikes. There've still been oodles of arguments and I have taken to being incredibly stricter and swifter on punishments, but it's working. Shhhh....

So, if I don't get to your email too quickly or read your blog for another week or post a response on Facebook to something wonderful or horrible, this is the reason. I pray the lesson I'm hoping to instill takes root.
*what does 'ever-loving' even mean? I guess I could Google it. Meh. Not inclined. But why do I write it if I don't know what it means? It fit for the situation, though. Even though there wasn't much love in my heart at that moment.
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