Saturday, February 19, 2011

Current Evanisms...

"Witty" is one word to describe my 8 year old, Evan.

Sarcastic, comical, quick-tongued? Yes, yes and Yes.

I desperately wish that I were able to record every phrase that escapes from his mouth; his comedy alone would elevate my blog's readership by the thousands...


While discussing Pat's upcoming birthday details:

"Daddy, you can NOT have a surprise party for your 40th birthday!"

"Why not?"

"You can NOT handle that kind of surprise at your age! Can you say 'heart attack'?"


Wednesday evening on the couch in front of the Xbox. Evan is shooting zombies left and right. Guts are flying at the screen and he is joyfully squealing at their demise. Never tearing his eyes from the television, he raises his eyebrows maniacally and murmurs:

"Your son is enjoying this way too much. Mom and Dad: Should you be worried about your son? Oooohhh yesssss...."

He continues to murder the undead* while Patrick and I choke on our popcorn.


*Oxymoron? Can one murder that which is already dead? Are zombies dead? They're "undead" so that would imply that they AREN'T dead, right? Somebody 'splain.
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