Saturday, May 08, 2010

More Evanisms...

Though he may drive me absolutely insane with his constant chatter and ability to ignore me until I am reduced to shouting, only to hysterically weep at being yelled at, he is pretty damn funny...

Said as we were cleaning up our gear after a soccer game,

"I'm not carrying a chair! All I am taking with me is this jacket and my dignity!"

Driving along the road (to soccer practice, coincidentally), he popped open our conversion van's window* and shouted to the Domino's driver beside us,

"I love your pizza!!!" Followed by the pointer finger and pinky held up in a "rock on" pose. He totally made the driver's day.

After that soccer practice, I asked him why he was so rough with his teammates. He kept elbowing everybody to the point that it looked like it was WWF out there! His reply,

"I HAVE to be rough, Mommy! I've gotta prepare my teammates for what's out there! Have you SEEN some of the kids that we play against? They're HUMONGOUS!!!"

His new phrase for days when he thinks he's being cute and funny:

"Shut yo pie-hole, woman!" **

*Jealous, aren't you?
** Yeah, that one rubs me the wrong way, but he says it in such a funny manner, that I honestly can't punish him too harshly. His cuteness and comedy is a curse, I tell you!
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