Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Little Runaway...

Er, "On," that is.

As in: Sentence. Run ON sentence.

Because I've got one. A couple, actually...

Have you ever done something out of character (like forget to call home and say "I'm going to be way late!") and then give a half-ass apology because while you can acknowledge that what you did was wrong, it felt kind of like payback for all of the times you've paced the floors, frantically worrying about the location of that same someone who was supposed to be home by 1 or 2 and finally strolled in around 5 am, so you try to justify your wrong choice to balance things out?

Have you ever thought "But things are SO uneven in this situation! There's no reason for me to feel this ashamed about being irresponsible when I ALWAYS CALL!!" and then you found your inner-self shaking her finger at your idiotic outer-self, spouting off cliches in her best Mom Voice: "Two wrongs don't make a Right! Treat others as you want to be treated! And while I have your attention; Floss your teeth!"

Have you ever?
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