Saturday, April 24, 2010

I is a rock star

And I have pics to prove it. After all, only rock stars get to drive in a car ALL BY THEMSELVES into Chicago, right?

Hey, when you drive 3 kids in a van without a stereo or cd player, getting the chance to drive all alone is something to blog about. I don't apologize for this. Nor do I apologize to the other drivers on I90 at about 6:00 tonight who got to witness me rocking out to Pink Floyd and Blind Melon. They were graced to see a verrrrrry happy mama who was rockin a hot red shirt with MATCHING LIPSTICK. Lipstick, guys. Lip.Stick. On MY LIPS. That matched my shirt. Which was red.*See? Red lipstick (sort of. Almost wiped off from that red DRINK that the mixologist *** made for us!)
One of my favorite people! I love going to blogger gatherings, especially when Cynthia, aka the Napwarden is there!
I told you I was a rockstar. I got to meet and HUG Kristen Chase, aka The Mominatrix. She and I are now likethis. She loved me so much, she even gave me a book!****Brandie won the free appliance!!! And her washing machine had JUST konked out on her, so YAY BRANDIE!!! Took this pic of me and Miss Lori for my niece and nephew who are big PBS fans!
And only a rock star would get invited to a fabulous blogger gathering hosted by Kenmore, right? That MUST be the reason they gifted me***** with so much amazing swag!The envelope held a special surprise for me and Corinne. I can't wait to explain to her that the certificate says that she and I can stay at the Embassy Suites in downtown Chicago for one night with an American Girl slumber party special!! She will FLIP OUT!

Thank you to Kenmore, Kristen Chase and Embassy Suites for the night out! Had a great time and can't wait to get my apron out to make some cookies!!

*I honestly could go on for hours about this amazing feat. I decided to spare you.**

** Yes, that paragraph WAS me sparing you. Believe it or not, that actually IS an edited version of the absolute joy that this here gal is still basking in from being alone in a vehicle with music. Ahhhh....

***Mixologist - a bartender who makes really, really fancy drinks. I wonder if he needed a special license for that? Never did ask, but it was really tasty...

**** So what if everyone else got a book, too? I truly think she meant it when she said "It's SO nice to meet you!" Because that's what people say to REAL rock stars!

***** FINE. Everyone got that swag. Because we are ALL rock stars. We're MOMS. That's pretty damn amazing in its own right.

Yes, yes, yes, FTC. I was given these products to check out for free. I'll let you know if that status ever changes, m'kay?
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