Thursday, April 22, 2010

In which nothing much really gets said...

I just deleted 3 posts in a row. Why? They all sucked. They all talked about nothing for extensive paragraphs. And since I'm not Seinfeld, a blog about nothing just doesn't work that well, you know?

Instead, a post about deleted posts. MUCH BETTER.

Dude. I need my coffee. Here's a topic while I fill 'er up: "Am I the only one who found it pathetic and hypocritical that we had a show on American Idol focusing on poverty and helping others (Awesome!) being HOSTED by people who make more in one day than most people make in one year?" Talk amongst yourselves...*

I'm back! The speed of the internet is amazing... Aaahhhhh... That's some good joe.

Ever crack yourself up, all alone? That would be me right now. Apparently the coffee is kicking in and FAST. You have to read between the post paragraphs to understand this comment. You see, my kids WERE asleep and I was getting 4 or 5 things done on the internet simultaneously because, well, because I'm a woman and that's just how we roll. Alas, they are now awake. So my multi-tasking will be finishing this post (most likely with a prepositional phrase or a dangling participle or something else that would make my English teacher cringe) and diverting them from eating candy for breakfast. Though, according to Good Morning America, that is what we homeschoolers do! (Well, they say that only UNschoolers do that, but really? Really it's PARENTS that do that; Parents who just want a damn cup of coffee in peace! Is that asking too much? Is it?!?) (FYI, 5 minutes later, after eating the bowl of cereal and milk that my 4 year old served herself, she is eating a popsicle. Heh.).

Shoot. I got distracted on a different tangent and time has passed. CURSE YOU INTERNET and your ability to let us go on tangents!!!

Side note. In walks Corinne, my youngest who technically IS unschooling herself: "Mommy! I got dressed and brushed my hair and my popsicle was dripping so I am eating it over a bowl. It's turning into orange juice! I'm going to go finish writing my book, now.""One girl went out on a date." (I love the binding. She stapled it and wrote this all on her own!)


All on her own. I can't wait to see page #3!!

Edited to add: By popular request (1 person) I have updated with the final page in the exciting date story!!

"A chicken was crying."

Blink. Blink.

"Why was the chicken crying, Corinne?"

"Because he didn't like his feathers!"

Naturally. How silly of me.

"But why was he on the date?"

"Oh, MOMMY! He wasn't on the date!"

So much for the literary prodigy theory...

* FYI, I think that Idol Gives Back does some great stuff. Really, really great stuff. Please donate if you can! I just dislike using mega-celebrities to try and raise money. Unless those celebrities are actually matching dollars that are donated or something, I despise seeing them on fundraising shows.
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