Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Because a pre-teen is a pre-teen...

Whoever said that boys are easier than girls? Who? Who?!? I want to meet that person, face to face. I want to shake my exasperated hands over my head and point out the gray streak in my hair. That deranged fool and I need to count the lines that are forming around my eyes and note the raspy quality my voice has taken on from the incessant shouting it is forced into.

I'm just sitting back, wishing I could rant and rave about my beloved first-born child without scarring him for all eternity. Knowing that such a rant would be disloyal, now that he is Eleven Years Old, I must refrain and simply say this:
Boys are NOT easier than Girls.


I'll just sit here and soak up my cheap-o wine from Aldi as my yummy stuff from Galena* is (sadly) long gone and think of the days when my eldest was "easier." Ahhh... potty-training and breaking the pacifier... How I miss those days!

* Check out my reveal of the wine I chose. I know you were all waiting on pins and needles, right?
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