Wednesday, November 04, 2009

When I get down, I bake a pie. And eat the #$@% out of it...

Yes. That is a heart on top of an apple pie. Yes. I peeled every apple, sliced them with Justin, made the crust myself and baked it until the house smelled divine. Yes. It tastes AWESOME. And yes; it certainly helped me feel a little better...

I'm happy to say that I was busy today. Too busy to be depressed. Busy taking care of a little boy who will be here for 2 hours a day while his parents are between shifts. I think that this little bit of money and little bit of routine will be really good for me (and the family). I'm hoping, at least. Plus, he's only one year old! There's nothing sweeter than a baby that age. It should be just enough baby time in the house to get rid of any baby longings I may be having. Not that I'm having any. At all. But, well. You know.

(Ok, ok. A TINY BIT OF ME wants another baby. Probably the tiny bit that will ALWAYS want another baby. But that tiny little bit will just have to suck it up and get over itself because we are DONE.)

So, a little extra cash for food and a little extra time playing with a cute little baby. Sounds like a good deal...

Hey, if anyone knows who the idiot is who stole the front of my cd player out of my van, please pass along my congratulations on being an IDIOT because they didn't take ALL of the stereo, just the facing. Which sucks for me because I can't play any music or tell what time it is. But it sucks for the thief as well because they can't EITHER. Also, thanks for picking on the family that can barely afford FOOD. I certainly hope you didn't steal from us to pay for an operation or something because you won't get ANY MONEY for simply the facing, you IDIOT.

It's pretty pathetic to be a criminal. But it's downright embarrassing to be a STUPID ONE.

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