Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unfinished Endings

I don't know about you, but when I read a book, I like for it to have an ending. Call me crazy (won't be the first time), but if I'm reading your book, chances are that I like your ideas on what will happen with the characters and storyline. And if I enjoy it enough to FINISH the book, I consider it common courtesy for YOU (the author) to FINISH the story! Don't leave me hanging. Don't consider yourself all mysterious or avante garde or some other artsy-fartsy cliche word for "encouraging the reader to use THEIR imagination..."

Screw that. I use my imagination every freaking hour of every freaking day. I am mother (and teacher) to 3 kids. My entire LIFE is of my own imagination. If I have free time to actually read and COMPLETE a book, only to find that the author is pulling that "unfinished ending" crap? You will find me throwing the book across the room. And swearing* in front of previously mentioned 3 children. I MAY give you one more chance and read another book of yours, but when I find out that the last page is YET AGAIN an unsatisfactory conclusion to some strangely interesting characters and storylines? I will write you off. (Ha. Funny. Write off. Heh...)

"Please save my delicate ears! My mommy really can't control herself. Just finish the #$%@ books, ok?"

* Nothing above "Shit" and "Goddamnit" in reference to the book. Swear. But it's not like my mouth hasn't gotten a little less clean as the years of raising my kids have passed. I didn't allow people to say "stupid" in my house when Justin was little! Now? Now Corinne knows the meanings of waaaaay too many expletives.** (hanging head in shame) ** So come authors! Do your part to keep my children's ears safe! FINISH THE DAMN STORIES.
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