Saturday, March 20, 2010

The last snowfall

If I can retain anything from this time period of my life, I would choose to hold close the small moments that can be found within a crisis. I hope that the beauty of the late March snowflakes sticking to my window never ceases to amaze me. I hope that I am always capable of enjoying such tiny miracles, even while I am shivering behind my steering wheel as I wait for the battery in my van to charge. The "inconvenience" of such a delay is the only way I was able to reflect upon the perfection of such a seemingly normal occurrence. These flakes will most likely be the last of the season for us. My heart was definitely nostalgic today as I bid them farewell...

Though I am grateful for the change of seasons, winter was still beautiful and quiet. Spring brings fresh energy and causes me to rub the crust from my sleepy eyes. We've been still and slow this winter. It's time to sweep the winter clutter from the corners of our home. Papers and toys and games and crayons are piled in the hallways and under our tables. Projects that have been shoved aside so often that we have become immune to their presence must be dealt with and stored properly. Or, better yet, TOSSED OUT.

We will recognize spring break with our public school friends in 1 more week. My plans are HUGE. They include, but are not limited to: attending the Adler Planetarium to see their new exhibit, having a fun day at Odyssey Fun World in Naperville, cleaning the family room and school room, celebrating Evan's 8th birthday (my baaaaby!) and simply letting the kids be kids. Please oh please oh PLEASE let it be warm and sunny!!! Get these kids OUT OF MY HOUSE or else they will thwart my plans!
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