Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Inquiry

Ahhhh... A lazy Sunday. Patrick and Justin are playing a football game on the Xbox. Corinne and Evan are outside playing. The last time I looked out there, they had a game of some sort that involved a stick, the sandbox that is filled with icy water and a football. They're having a good time, so I didn't ask any questions.

But I do have a question for you; How much freedom do you allow your children? I mean, my kids are 11, 7 (almost 8) and 4. They have access to our backyard and that of 2 neighbors and are allowed a certain freedom of our own street. Evan and Justin can go to locations in our neighborhood that are out of sight and shouting distance as long as they ask first. We aren't close to any stores that they can walk or ride to on their own, but Justin is allowed to walk through a grocery store or department store to find items because he has proven that he's fairly responsible for himself. I am trying to raise my kids to become adults who are able to take care of themselves and not be afraid of the world. I am trying to teach them how to enjoy life and all that is available for them. How can they be adventurous and confident in themselves if they are never able to take steps on their own?

So, I'm curious. I'm interested to know the ratio of parents that read my blog. Are you one to hold them close or one to let them explore?*

* No judgment on either method of parenting. Just wondering...
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