Thursday, February 04, 2010

So much for fitting into a bathing suit this summer...

Should I write about the cream puffs I made from scratch and ate HALF OF yesterday? See what happens when you open your cookbooks in an effort to be more "natural" and "healthy"? See what happens when your cookbook haphazardly flops open to a picture of absolutely delicious chocolate cream puffs? Did you know that I cannot eat just 1 or 2 cream puffs? Did you know that these are one of my honest-to-gosh weaknesses? (Dove mini-caramel-milk-chocolates are my other...) Do you wonder why I am not posting a picture of the other half of the decadent chocolatey cream puffs? Because they're in the freezer. Under the chicken. Out of my sight (but not out of my mind since I'm writing an entire paragraph about them, dammit.) Because if I were to dig them out and snap a picture, I'd have to take out 1 to munch on. And then another. And, before you'd know it, the entire container would be GONE before Patrick even knew it existed. I swear to God. But, I promise you, they ARE AWESOME. And Chocolate. And... Awesome. Shit. Now I REALLLLLY want one!!!
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