Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Insomnia post #324

It's amazing what a little bit of sleep will do for your mood. I loathe insomnia. She is the bitch that lurks in the shadows, just waiting for me to feel confident and with-it. An attack of insomnia leaves me feeling weak and disabled. Pathetic and disgusting. Sigh...

After a full 7 hours last night (HALLELEUJAH!) I awoke with EN.ER.GY. and was able to have a moderately decent day with the kids. Corinne had ballet, we scavenged the library, and I managed to NOT strangle Justin over the Algebra work that he "didn't get."

"But what does the "x" MEAN?!? I don't understand! Why not just say 10 instead of 10x?!? This is too hard!!"

insert much gnashing of my teeth as I struggled to not wring his neck...

Anyway, all 3 are still alive and playing Star Wars on the Xbox with some friends. The snow IS sticking (yay!) so we may have a fun break tomorrow afternoon and try to hit the snow hill. We'll see.

However, it WAS only 7 hours of sleep, so this is the extent of my writing ability tonight. My apologies for the lack of scintillating adjectives, but you can check out my giveaways (some new ones are up) on my review blog. Toodles.
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