Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love saying "I told you so." I really, really do...

Hey, guess what? Guess what Justin figured out tonight?

That's right. His algebra problems that were soooo haaaarrrrrd yesterday that we were subjected to his foot-stamping, exasperated-pre-teen-groaning angst for HOURS. Hot damn. What do you know? Mom DID know best! I DID know that he could figure it out! Amazing. We even LAUGHED ABOUT IT.

Hello hormones. Welcome to my son's life.


A note to my husband (should he get bored at his night-shift job tonight and venture onto my blog, in which case, "Hi Honey!"): Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT mention that damn Father-Daughter dance that you guys are hopefully attending in 3 weeks to Corinne again. Or, at least, DO NOT mention it until AFTER I have paid for it and NO EARLIER than 2 days beforehand. Because the hourly discussions about when you guys will be attending it, what she will be wearing, and how much fun you guys will surely have is no longer cute and endearing. And to have to listen to 3 more weeks of her discussing the in's and out's of this heavenly night will not only drive me to drink(more) but will quite possibly cause me to lock her in a closet with her countless beautiful outfits and sparkly shoes.

Edited to add: Hey Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana residents!! I have a great giveaway on my review site for you!!
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