Monday, January 25, 2010

Kinda sorta

Kinda sorta feeling the Mondays, today. Convenient for me that it IS Monday, but my blah-ness is really making me, well, blah.


Did you know that it's best to wash your hands after playing with Play Doh? Unless you actually enjoy the taste of dried Play Doh as a surprise flavor when you are absent-mindedly chewing on your nails. Anyway. Soap is a good idea. Making a mental note....

Shit. I think Patrick switched me to decaf or something. That has GOT to be the reason because holy cripes, I am TY-ERD and have been drinking coffee all day long and NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

I'm sure the weather has nothing to do with it. I mean, I absolutely adore the January mud that is currently re-freezing while the wispy snow that won't amount to anything other than ice is blowing sideways and upwards. FUN TIMES. The kids can't go out! AWESOME. Love having them cooped up. Love having Play Doh stuck on my socks. Love the darkness for days on end! Love Love Love.

Rawr. Is it April yet?
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