Friday, October 09, 2009

Mother Daughter Tattoos

Remember my whole mid-life, "I want to do something crazy-maybe I should get a tattoo-I don't have money-kinda need money for a tattoo-bummer" post a while back? Well, I may not be able to get one yet, nor even know what or WHERE I might want to get one, but for now, this little henna tattoo is making me happy. We studied Islam in our homeschooling club this week and the women brought henna for anyone who wanted to try it out. They brought SO much information and food and our conversations lasted SO long, that the henna wasn't brought out till the end and the crafts never even got started! I managed to get a quickie and so did Corinne, right before we left. While I am happy with it, I think it needs to be noted that you should never get a henna tattoo done quickly just before you get ready to drive 3 kids in a conversion van, buckling a 3 year old into her car seat, through the rain to the post office where you will need to write out a card for an overnight letter with the hand you currently have caked-on, drying henna upon. Not the best choice.
It still looks pretty, though. And since we had so much that we didn't get to finish on Islam this week, the unit will be extended to the next meeting. I'm thinking of asking her to retrace it so that I can keep it a bit longer. It's pretty cool...
Corinne got a REALLY fast henna butterfly which got smeared in her car seat and is WAY lighter because of it. Again: a fast henna tattoo isn't the best choice for an adult, let alone a 3 year old.

Speaking of THREE YEAR OLDS...

Oh. My. God. She's turning 4 in 2 weeks! Still shaking my head over that one... Because it's not really possible that my baby isn't a baby anymore. Is it? She is Ecstatic over our Girls' Day Out this Sunday. Just me, her, and my friend will be going into Chicago to watch Gustafer Yellowgold, and then FINALLY use the gift certificates I received from Corner Bakery, eons ago. (Sorry Corner Bakery! There really aren't any restaurants in my neck of the woods!) It is on days like that that I am SO grateful for blogging and for being seen as someone to single out once in a while. It will be an entire day out with my baby girl, almost completely paid for by blogging. You can't beat days like those.

If you're planning on going to the show, let me know! We'll be the nerds that will be dancing and singing along to the songs. Probably in the middle of the room, hopefully not atop any tables...

Speaking of fun stuff from blogging, don't forget to enter my giveaway for Discovery Toys! It's a good one!
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