Monday, June 22, 2009

Will Write for Popsicles

pant. pant. pant.

Have I mentioned it is suddenly summer?Yep. Hello humidity! It's like a free sauna treatment! The backs of my thighs have been exfoliating on the kitchen chairs all day long. Getting up from the table has never been more thrilling!! Rrrrrriiiiippp!!!!(This one's for Stacey. Cuz I know that you know that I know that you know that I love ya...)

Thank God for the pool. Even when we had to squeeze 2 pools' worth of swimmers into one pool when the first pool had to be evacuated. I quietly asked why it was closed of the girl who was calmly telling us that "the pool's closed. This pool's closed..."

"Do I want to know why it's closed?" I asked, grim-faced and ready for the ole 'poop in the pool' explanation.

"Oh. Um. Somebody threw up..."

Nuff said! "GET OUT!" I shouted to the kids as I held my own stomach's contents back. "Get OUT NOW!!"

Good times.

Our 3 year old neighbor boy ran away from my neighbor while we were catching the kids as they jumped into the pool. She and I both awkwardly swam/clambered after him while shrieking his name as he teetered near the 5 foot section beside a girl who was so into her own conversation with the gawky teenage boy that she was oblivious to our plight. In the process of trying to rescue him, we abandoned my 3 year old and her 4 year old (but left them in the steadfast care of her other young children.) Brilliant parenting moment! We came home with all kids accounted for, but she and I have sworn to share a drink sometime soon...

(Side thought: Am I having a midlife crisis in that I suddenly have the desire to "get inked?" I have always been adamantly against the idea of a tattoo (or "tat" as my dear hubby fondly refers to them) but today, as I was reading a book I'm reviewing (AWESOME book. Love it!) I had the craving to copy the author's mother and get a tattoo, too. I haven't finished the book, so I don't know the final result of her decision, but, well. There it is. )

(Of course, it could just be the lack of oxygen to my brain. pant. pant. pant. )

Have I mentioned our brilliant plan to keep the a/c off because the money, she is slim right now? Tonight we will be having a slumber party on the family room floor! Such fun! We're making it into a par-tay with popcorn and a movie because the 88 degrees at 9 pm is only on the FIRST FLOOR of our home. I don't even want to consider the temp upstairs...

pant. pant.

Just now:

"Mommy, can I cuddle with you?"

HELL NO! Not unless you want to be connected by the melting skin. Love you, girly, but step away from da mama...
Ending with some eye candy...
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