Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seeing Sunshine!

I am so excited! I get to surprise Corinne with a girls' only day to see Gustafer Yellowgold at Schuba's in Chicago!! Eeeee!!

What? Don't know Gustafer? Dude. Don't you remember my post from April?!? Haven't you all memorized my ENTIRE BLOG yet?!? I thought I had sufficiently obsessed readers!


Just in case you don't know the music I am referring to, I give you this:

Weird but cool, right?

The best part is that Corinne and I actually both really like this music.

I. Am. Stoked.

The couple behind the music, Morgan Taylor and Rachel Loshak have offered a little gift for one reader. A plush Gustafer doll and a t-shirt from their site. :) I recommend you check out their music and, if you're in the Chicagoland area on Sunday, October 11, come out to Schuba's Tavern at 3159 North Southport. Let me know and I'll look for you. I'll be there with my own little rocker!

Leave a comment below and I'll pick a winner for the doll and shirt on Monday, October 5.
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