Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've been grounded, too...

Take this bit of advice from one parent to another:

If you are contemplating banning a child from tv, Xbox, Nintendo DS, computer, and all things electronic, be prepared for the changes this will bring to your family. For while I am loving the creativity that the kids are showing in their games and activities (imagination! Who'd've thunk it?!?) I am growing a tad weary of all of this togetherness. And really? I just want to watch television in peace!

(Actually, I'm glad for the change. Our lifestyles WILL be different from now on. We were way too dependent upon the tv and computer for entertaining ourselves and I HATED IT.)

So, I guess I can thank my kid for needing to be grounded? Eh?

Thanks, kid. THANKS A LOT!

Some examples of what they've been up to for the past 6 days since Operation Electronic Lockdown began:
One of their "stands." They spent a good hour designing boxes to sell stuff from. Stuff like cookies, granola bars, and juice boxes that they would sell every day at the end of our driveway and make tons of money for more Pokemon cards.

Evan was PISSSSSSED that I wouldn't let him out yesterday to sell! I thought the fact that it is FEBRUARY and COLD out would have been sufficient reason, but they are determined to get out there soon and make some money. I think I should explain to them that you can't sell what you don't own. They may need a loan for some money to invest in their products.... Heh. I think they assumed I would just DONATE said food for them to get rich off of! They obviously don't know me very well!

"Mommy, I taked a picture of Smudge wif the camera!"

Doesn't Smudge look thrilled about this fact? Notice the choke-hold my 3 year old has on the cat's neck?


What? Your kids don't play poker with you?
And she TOTALLY kicks our butts. Rollin in the pennies... Next family vacation? Vegas, baby.

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