Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 giveaways in one week?

You know, blogging may not pay my bills, but it certainly does bring a few perks into my life...

I have always thought that giving the kids' teachers gifts is a great idea, but never had the extra cash to actually do anything about it. I usually end up writing thoughtful letters of appreciation (which, btw, made one of my sons' teachers cry. True story.). So when this next review opportunity fell into my inbox, I was thrilled to accept.

Woodgroove is a company born of chance. When the owners' children began growing up, they crafted a unique wooden growth chart that caught the eyes of all of their friends. One thing led to another, and Woodgroove became a company available to everyone. They now have a line that includes growth charts and fanciful, keepsake wooden blocks, one of which I was offered as my very own!

I pondered for a while on how I would choose to engrave my own block. Who could I give it to? Who would really appreciate it? My own children are a bit old for a baby block, and wouldn't understand the value of this item just yet. But as I surfed through their site, I saw the teacher gifts and I was hooked.

Evan's first grade teacher is one of those guys that is just Fa.bu.lous. He adores the kids and they adore him. Somehow, he is able to keep 27 six-year-olds on track without losing his cool. My middle child, who started the year as a non-reader, is now reading above the level and working very hard to do well. There isn't a parent in the school who doesn't think Mr. P. is just incredible. We all owe so much to this man, so I decided that he would be the recipient of this unique gift.

First, I chose the engravings for each side:

"P" for his last name...
And 2 sides with a quote he said during the early weeks of first grade. I hope he is as touched that I remembered it as I was that he said it. It reads:

"All children are gifted..."
"...They just open their presents at different times."


(The other sides have his full name and school name, the Chinese symbol for wisdom, and Evan's name and year.)

I showed it to Evan and he was so happy he actually clapped his hands. (seriously)

And nooooowwww for the good stuff!! A giveaway!!

Woodgroove has generously offered a free wooden block (a $29 value), inscribed with your own choices, for free! (you are responsible for shipping, though).


I thought so.

Leave your comment below and if you post about this giveaway on your own site, just leave another comment that lets me know. 2 chances to win! We'll do the drawing on Friday, March 6, so get your entries in!

Tell me, what would YOU choose to engrave on YOUR block?
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