Friday, November 14, 2008

Where will you be in July 2009???

Ok, can I just say there was much screaming and shrieking the other day when I noticed where BlogHer was going to be held? Don't know yet?

Well, just look to the right.... See it? Right there ============>

YES! Chicago!! So I don't have to find money for the flight AND the room AND the conference itself!! In fact, if I cannot come up with money to split a room with a few people then I can STILL attend because Chicago is only a mug of coffee away from my house!! (If I have known you for a while and you are not a person who snores, farts excessively, or feels that alcohol is a sin, we should chat. Especially if you don't mind my talking in my sleep, morning breath or potential for partying a touch too hard when I'm out without my children...) I really DO want to room there. Somehow, having to leave the conference early to go home to my kids would be like having a curfew in college....

Who of you are planning on attending? Who of you hope to go, but don't know for sure? Who of you have no clue what I'm talking about? Who of you don't care and are hoping that this post will be about something funny my kids said?

Let this be a call -out for all advertisers who want to place ads on my blog. I AM UP FOR IT. All proceeds will help my "Send Mommy For a Weekend Away Fund."
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