Saturday, November 15, 2008

Broomsticks and raptors and Sneetches! Oh my!

So, the other day my kids and I were at the kitchen table drawing out our dream theme parks. Mine was Harry Potter's World, with Quidditch flying, haunted Shrieking Shack, Hogsmeade food court and The Weasley's petting zoo.Justin's was Animorph world, which, unless you've read the books, you won't understand. Basically, he has lots of coaster rides, and water features with words like "Dolphin Dive" and "Bulwhip Ejection Seat." I know. I am just as lost as you are, but he was totally pumped over the layout.

Evan made a world of dinosaur dangers from Jurassic Park, complete with a roller coaster that "makes you pee" from fear when a t-rex jumps out, to a theater where "girls can go listen to music." Because, apparently, that is what girls like to do...

Corinne made a lovely theme park, reminiscent of Dr. Seuss. Lots of colors and squiggles... What a mess THAT would be to construct!

You can imagine how THRILLED I was when I was browsing the net today (actually, today is Friday but I am posting this as a delayed post because Nablopomo is KILLING me on the weekends!!) and saw that Universal Studios Islands of Adventure has not only the Dr. Seuss section and Jurassic Park section, but is also building a Harry Potter park within a park!! I KNOW!! Our future Orlando visits will NOT be all Disney themed, anymore!! (Though Corinne will LOVE the Pixie Hollow area they just built!!) I am going to search the other Universal sites to see what else I've been missing out on. I still adore Disney, but the boys are getting older and I want to accommodate the whole family, you know?

The sad thing is, I don't think I'll tell the boys about this, just yet. We aren't planning on a Florida trip till Summer of 2010, and that will be a LONG time of hearing about how excited they are... My nerves can't take it.

So, tell me, what other secret stuff have I somehow overlooked in the hotspot that is Florida? There's so much to do there, but only so much time in one vacation!!
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