Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't call ASPCA

"Oh, come here, Smudgie. Come here, girl. It's ok. I won't pull your tail or nuffin. You such a goooood girl, Smudge. Come on..."

(muffled Merrrooowwww)

"Corinne! Leave the cat alone!!"

"Oh Smudge, it's ok... It's ok, girl. I won't do dat again. I pwomise. Come here, girl..."

(louder, muffled Meerrrrroooowwwww!!)

"CORINNE THERESA!! Leave the cat alone!!"

"Oh Smudge..."

Rinse and repeat.

And Repeat.

And insert "Dakota" for "Smudge" as she corners a different cat.

And you will have a perfect vision of the past hour at my home.

Maybe the whole "dog idea" should be put on a back burner, eh?
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