Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don't mess with THIS blogger!

So, as I was browsing through my most recent blog referral links on Sitemeter, I came across an odd link. I clicked over to the site and found something strange.... Apparently, SOMEONE used my blog's site as a link for a referral to a DIET PILL. I will not link to their site directly here, as I do NOT ENDORSE THAT PRODUCT. The pill's name, Phentramin/Phentramine is a diet pill that supposedly does magical things so you can lose weight without as much effort.

Guess what? There is no magic pill. If you want to lose weight, know what you have to do?


Work hard.

Eat less junk. Eat more of nature's REAL food.


Exercise again.

Continue exercising and eating properly.

And, magically, the weight will slowly start to fall off and redistribute itself.

I am NOT thin or in shape. But the reason for this is not because I am 32 with 3 kids. Or that I have a thyroid problem, inherited bad genes, or anything like that. I simply don't eat the proper way or exercise. I CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY for my "XL" ass. For the majority of my friends and fellow bloggers who have bodies that aren't the way they want, I am going to assume that the same applies to them. (of course there are exceptions. Duh. So please don't tell me your exceptions...)

I do NOT endorse diet pills.

Let me say that again:


In fact, I can't even SWALLOW pills!! After giving birth 3 times and having a major abdominal surgery, I never took anything stronger than Liquid Extra Strength Tylenol!!! How's THAT for picking the wrong blogger to impersonate? Eh? Brilliant!!! Pick a person who CAN'T EVEN SWALLOW PILLS!!!

So, again, Drug-pushing website: TAKE DOWN MY LINK. NOW.
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