Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Talking Trash...

I love the opportunities that blogging has brought me. Especially when it involves reading new books! Chicago Moms Blog has another book club today, written by a well known Mommy Blogger, Michelle Lamar of whitetrashmom.com.

You know that old saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover?" Well that saying does NOT apply in this case! The cover of The White Trash Mom Handbook is cute, kitschy and down-to-Earth. The cover is clever with a quirky edge.

The book follows suit.

I read this book for about a week, in between planning scout meetings, packing lunches, and doing a dozen loads of laundry. I snorted out loud as I read page 119, when Michelle snapped a reply at her whining, complaining children, "Do you think that Jesus wanted to die on the cross? Do you think that HE felt like it??" What a total "Momism!" Something we all swore up and down we'd never say, and yet? Out fly the words.... As I read it, I absolutely cracked up! Which was not very convenient, seeing as how I was sitting in high school hallway while attending a speech meet...

Of course, Michelle and I didn't agree on all of her suggestions. As with any 2 moms, there are going to be differences of opinion. She suggests absolutely, positively never speaking with the parents of a child that may be bullying or having conflicts with your kid. I personally think that this can do a disservice to the child who is being unkind. Speaking from experience of parenting a kid that had social issues, I needed to know and needed to be allowed to apologize for and with my child. So, please, consider opening the lines of communication, should your child find themselves in a situation like that. Speaking from experience, again, those troublesome kids CAN and DO change. They just need everyone helping out!

But when it comes right down to it, I liked The White Trash Mom Handbook. It was a different observation on motherhood that isn't always published. And honestly? Don't we all want to help a fellow blogging mom out?

Read it. You won't be sorry!
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