Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sooo... what is a Medium, anyway?

I want to know what kind of masochistic idiot is in charge of labelling women's clothing. No, really! Who is the person who decides that it is necessary to not only put the size number on my underwear, but also? Also felt the compunction to deign my size 8 butt as XL!!

Really? REEEEALLY?? An 8 is XL?? Because honestly, that does nothing for my own self-esteem, let alone the millions of other NORMAL SIZED WOMEN who are greater numbers than 8. I'm pretty sure putting the pants' size number and/or weight/height measurements is sufficient.

What number would my ass have to be in order to be a Medium, which is, I assume, the standard for "normal" ?? A 4? A 2? Because honey, normal women do not reach adulthood and have the hips of a 13 year old. They just don't. (Unless you're my mother who is a 3/4. Yeah. Try growing up with THAT to live up to!!)

Any additional labels are superfluous and, well, not good economically. Think of the ink they could save by removing those letters from all the underwear labels alone!!

This post brought to you by Nablopomo...
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