Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not for my husband's eyes...

A few months ago, Gwendomamma wrote a story of how she came to have a lovely necklace that held her son's memory close to her heart. This story touched me, as did the kindness of the artist that agreed to receive the necklace back to engrave for her. Inspired by such a tender tale, I felt compelled to click to her site and just look around.

Ha. HA! I say. Looking around her site made me all happy and wistful, wishing that I had reason enough to warrant purchasing such a lovely necklace for myself. As I began to move my mouse to that red "x" I saw it.


An absolutely perfectly perfect necklace for Patrick...

One of the few, RARE times I used my Paypal account. In fact, I had to call Pat to figure it out and be all "incognito" about it! I believe I said something to the effect of "Don't WORRY about why I need the number! Don't you trust me? GEEZ. Try to do something nice for somebody... I just won't even do it, then.." after which he interrupted and just gave me the #'s. He knew that if I was buying something online, it was probably cool and a good surprise.

Well, my dear husband is turning 37 this Saturday and I wanted to replace his cheap Jamaican necklace with something a little more personal. Something like this fish hook carved from coconut, symbolizing strength and abundance in providing for the family. Double that perfect meaning with a man who loves to fish, and I have, in my hands, a potential really, REALLY good gift.

Crossing my fingers that when I hand it to him whilst wearing the red dress, I will get the reaction I am hoping for...
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