Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not my proudest moment...

"I don't wannnnna go to fencing anymore! It's boooooring!!!"

"Hey, Mommy! WHY can't I play Xbox? WHY do we have to go to Justin's class? Wahhahhahhh..."

"Can I have a piece of candy? Whyyyy nooooottt?!?!?"

Ok, so multiply those complaints by, oh, 2 gagillion. Figure out how frustrated you would feel with the addition of a sinus headache compounded by several errands you are running over in your head. Throw in a steady drizzle making everything muddy and your hair flat, and you'll get a pretty clear picture of me at around 6:30 last night...

After sitting for half an hour on the filthy gymnasium floor, breaking up scuffles between my youngest 2 and pulling them down from the volleyball nets, I was a leeeeetle bit stressed. So when Corinne was giggling maniacally about running away from me again, I was definitely not careful enough when I pulled back on her arm to stop her from escaping down the hall. But that doesn't give me excuse enough to justify that she sat down and began to whimper, holding her little arm.



I removed her from the gym, (and any judgemental eyes, though I believe I was the only one calling myself a Bad Parent right then...) and checked her arms in the hallway. Nothing appeared popped out of joint and nothing seemed immediately swollen, but she insisted on letting it hang limp and whimpering like a small puppy...

Thankfully, the class was ending and we were able to jet home. I was berating myself over not THINKING about nursemaid's elbow and letting my frustration come through in my actions instead of my words. (Use Your Words!) I was trying to figure out how long to let her rest before taking her to the ER... Which, PLEASE don't make me take her to the ER at 8 pm in the rain in her purple princess dress....

After giving her a good dose of ibuprofen and some comfy jammies, she snuggled with me in my bed and about 6 pacifiers while we watched the season finale of Project Runway. Which, normally? I wouldn't encourage my almost 3 year old to watch models strutting their stuff but the beautiful dresses distracted her enough that she forgot about her owie arm.

She spent the night between Patrick and I, each of us checking on her every few minutes, making sure it wasn't swollen or causing her distress. Miraculously, her arm is ok today. Just a strained muscle or something, I guess. But enough to make me extremely ashamed, embarrassed and promising to take more care with the things I hold most dear....

Speaking of dear things, go congratulate Kristi on her twins and Amy on her son!! Lots of beautiful babies being born this week!!
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