Monday, September 22, 2008

A little sumpin sumpin to tide you over...

Mornin Monday Bloggers! Hope you're as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as I need to be right now! Yawn... Heading off to a Cub Scout training do-hicky today which means I had to actually shower before taking the kids to school and that Corinne is heading to a neighbor's house for the day...
~~~~ Random thought that kept me up late last night which has contributed to my grogginess: How can I rearrange our master bedroom so that our bed doesn't back up against the wall which is opposite one of our son's headboards? Because now that I can reflect upon it, that wasn't the most brilliant layout... ahem...
Our anniversary was this weekend! 11 years. Holy cow. 11 years of being married to my best friend....

We kept the celebrations really low-key this year. No trip like last year.
This year we had filets on the grill and made s'mores with the kids by the firepit under the stars. The gorgeous weather continued to agree with us on Sunday, so we took the kids to the nearby field and launched a model rocket. It was actually a really fun, really relaxed way to celebrate. That, and we are a tad pinched for cash due to an error on a tax form from a few years ago that Uncle Sam was so kind as to bring to our attention. Wasn't that nice of him?
I managed to escape to the stores with actual MONEY to spend and major sales within which to shop. By mySELF. With no time limits. And NO KIDS. And I found a dress. A DRESS, folks!! A beautiful red, spinny dress for a wedding in October, dress shoes, and jewelry to complete the fancy outfit. I even splurged and bought a ruffly black blouse and a spring dress ($9 on clearance!) for NO KNOWN PURPOSE. This is totally not my normal behavior. I am usually tighter than a scrunchy on a gymnast so for me to break out like this was truly wild and crazy! I know! Livin on the edge in Illinois, eh?

Ok, the troops are circling round the oven which smells of cinnamon rolls that I baked from scratch. I also have freshly squeezed orange juice and a bowl of fruit salad with coconut for them so that they may start their day out properly. And if you really bought those lines, then you haven't been reading me for very long, have you?

Though I DID make cinnamon rolls from a tube that I opened all by myself. And I scratched myself as I pressed the timer. That should count for something, right?
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