Monday, August 25, 2008

What happens with 3 topics that aren't strong enough for their own posts...

Remember this post where I talked about the possibility of a free vacation because of the wonderful world of blogging?

Well, I've been keeping it under wraps, but cannot contain it anymore: we are headed to the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend!! All because I am a Mom who writes blogs!! Honestly? I don't feel worthy of being chosen, but I definitely am GRATEFUL!

So, my question to you guys is this: What are the things that you like to hear about when reading a personal review of a vacation spot? Food? Service? Affordability? Seriously, let me know what you feel the hot topics are as I have no requirements in this deal other than to write a post about my experience.

I certainly have plenty of ideas on how I'm going to write the post. Especially since we've been to this resort SEVERAL times and have never had a bad stay. But any help on little details would be appreciated!
On a different note: Here's what happens when your almost 3 year old is quietly singing and talking in the bathroom...
Oh, you can't tell what she's doing? But you noticed the countertop covered in countless bottles that are health hazards for an under-3-year old, right? Including, but not limited to, the stinky foot spray for Pat(don't ask), hair spray and gel (also Patrick) and air freshener (um, not going there...).

Here's a clearer shot of my darling daughter giving her baby a bath. Isn't that the most precious thing?(Ooh, I just noticed a phone book and a ball shooter from the Imaginext Dinosaurs' series. I can just picture a particular few bloggers cringing at their monitors... heh)

I know, I know, everyone's kids are cute and all, but come ON! She's freakin' adorable, isn't she?? She was singing and soothing her baby so it wouldn't scream due to the hand soap in its eyes...

"It's ok, baby. It's awight. I just washing you eyeballs..."

Yet another divergent topic. (Did I use divergent in the correct way? Is it really a word?) (Have I indulged in too many banana Laffy Taffy's tonight? Possible. Quite possible...)

ANYway. I think it is a crime of nature that a woman should have to endure not only a chin that looks way older than its 32 years (granted, I was looking down to emphasize, but puh-lease!! That's just wrong!).....
.... but also a freakin' pimple that can't be covered by make-up (or popped, either. Trust me.)
One woman simply shouldn't have to suffer this way! And then add my premature gray streak and penchant for wearing tie-dyes and ponytails (yes, I'm growing it out to do this again) and you have way too many polar opposites in one female spectrum.

It's a wonder I wasn't nominated for that Hot Blogger contest. The hot and sexy tostada that I am...

I need another Laffy Taffy.
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