Monday, August 25, 2008

So. What do YOU think?

Am I the only person who sees these headlines about Barack Obama and Joe Biden as running mates and thinks that the combination of their names is creepy? Am I the ONLY person whose mind, when she sees the last names of Obama and Biden, instantly rearranges the letters into Osama Bin Laden? I can't be. Surely the head honcho bigwig democrat guys do the wordplay game before making a big decision like this. I'm sure that Senator Biden is a good choice for a VP candidate (actually, I have no idea if he is. Is he?) but the names? ICK. The names might just kill the election for Obama. In my tiny, small perspective of the election, I KNOW that sometimes? It IS all about the name. And people who are easily influenced by the flow of sounds and the appeal of looks may have a difficult time disassociating the sounds of Obama Biden from that creepy guy overseas.

I'm just sayin...
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