Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hot Date!

I had a date last night!!

And NOT with my HUSBAND!!

And he was so GOOD LOOKING, funny, sweet, and totally enamored of me!

Granted, he was only 7 years old and is missing a few front teeth, but hey - a date's a date!!

I took Justin out to Chili's and then to see a dollar movie last night. He was a riot! (And he told me so, many times: "I'm so funny, aren't I Mommy?") We did our usual date night "game" where we ask each other questions like "If you could visit one country right now, where would you go and why?" (He said China, cuz he likes their music).

It is so nice to be alone with just one of my children. Especially on a special occasion like that. I get to pry into their brains and listen ONLY to them. And not be too much of their "Mom" and more of a friend, for just a few hours... And I know that Justin just loves these dates. He gets all giggly, excited, and skips around.

I love that my 7 year old is still young enough to hold my hand and not be embarrassed. I wonder how much longer I have with that? I was trying to treasure it last night... Trying to remember what it's like to walk with my son, who's up to my shoulder, who loves to make people laugh, and who's growing up every second.

We saw XMen 3. AWESOME!!!!! Totally worth the $1 each to go see it!! :) Seriously, it's a great movie. Highly recommend it.
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