Sunday, August 13, 2006

Less blogging, more living...

I've been trying to limit myself online. Is it working? Sort of. I don't come on more than once a day and on the weekends, sometimes not at all (ok, today's Sunday, but I'm waiting for Patrick to return with the pancakes and then I'm off for the day). I have this problem with computer stuff. I was involved in a message board during my pregnancy and Corinne's early months and got waaaayyy to addicted to it. I like blogging a little better, cuz it's all about me and my schedule. There's no need to continue checking in to "see what's happened! I might be forgotten! Someone might have posted something important, like a baby's first roll or cereal!! ACk!!" But I miss those ladies if I don't keep in touch with them. Sigh.... there's no winning.

I have to limit my time here and TRY to get this house under control. And the kids under control, too!! School in 10 days. :)

We had such an awesome time yesterday! Went to a mega sale on a whim and I got 2 pairs of jeans that fit NICELY!! (heart attack!) and their price? $7.00 Everything in the store was marked down to SEVEN DOLLARS PEOPLE!!!! So, I bought a blazer, 2 pr jeans, Fall coats for the boys, and Patrick got 2 NICE shirts. We spent $50 total. I just about cried from happiness! Wait, I might do so now...

Kay. I'm back.

Well, while at the mall, we went to the kiddie area to play and climb. Corinne seems to think she's a big girl now, cuz she was climbing the stairs and going down the ladder, going through the tunnel, and walking everywhere! Doesn't she know she's just a BABY?!? AND she was wearing her dress from pictures (got family photos done, too. Turned out decent. At least no one was crying!)

Before we left, we treated the boys to this trampoline/bungee jump thing. Let me tell you, it was worth the $7.00 each (magic number?) to watch Evan jumping 30 feet into the air, kicking his legs and squealing "This is totally NUTS!!" (Yes, I let my 4 year old bungee jump at a mall stand. Ya wanna make somthin of it?)

Side note: After going to the forest preserve to try and get some hiking in and having to leave after 20 minutes of a mosquito attack, we went to the library. Got some books, no big deal. But I checked out Superfudge, as Justin had read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and loved it. So, I was reading it myself on Friday, and you know what? He is SO NOT READING IT!!! There is a whole discussion about Santa not being real!!! This may very well be his last year of true belief in magic, and I am not letting him lose it over a book. So, I hid it. Yes, I hid a book from my kid for the first time...

Well, that's that. I'm sure I'll check on a bunch of other blogs this week, but will try and limit my posts till I have something worthwhile to spend the time publishing!
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