Sunday, February 10, 2013

My heart hurts...

I feel as though I have dozens of gaping paper cuts on my heart from every time we placed a submission into the "No" folder.

"Ouch. That one hurt," I said to Melisa, and she to me, many a time throughout the deliberations.

Submissions with enormous stars on them, that were BRILLIANTLY written and beautifully delivered and OBVIOUSLY perfect for the show, were slowly and regretfully delivered into that manila folder.

"There just isn't enough time. We can't have a 3 hour show..." we told ourselves this, but it cuts us to know that by doing so, these stories; these personal, tenderly written, cautiously shared stories were pieces of people's hearts and lives that MATTER. They matter, and we know it.

We heard it. We felt it.

And it is physically painful to know that while our decisions will undoubtedly cause immense joy and pride within those who are selected; we will also be causing some of the auditionees incredible sadness and disappointment...

I cried on the way home, picturing the beauty that was within that folder, and knowing that there was nothing we could do to shine a spotlight on the beauty of every single jewel of each word that was shared this weekend...
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