Saturday, February 09, 2013

WoW and BoB

"Be careful at dusk. Dusk is the time when most other drivers won't see you. So, while you don't really need the light to see the road, you want your headlights on so that other drivers can see YOU."

"Ah, good point, Mom."

"And be sure to always tell the people you love that you love them. Really. It matters. Hearing the words is more important than you realize, so always say it."

"Ok, Mom."

"Also!! Girls like to get flowers. Even if they say 'don't waste money on flowers for me,' they still like to get flowers. So make sure to be the type of guy who picks up a rose at a gas station or a small bouquet when you're buying groceries. Not all the time; just every once in a while when you're thinking about her, or when you don't really have a lot of money but want to spoil her. Those are the flowers that matter the most. I promise you, this is important shit. Maybe you should be writing this down?"

He sighs and rolls his eyes.

I find myself flinging these Words of Wisdom at my eldest a lot lately. Random Bits of Brilliance. WoW and BoB for short.

It seems as though time is on fast forward. In fact, the years of "childhood" are now countable on one hand and I fear that there are lessons I haven't fully covered; wisdom not completely imparted. Hopefully, there will be time when he's an adult to continue sharing my experiences and opinions, but... what if?

What if?

Driving home after a long and emotionally exhausting day of auditions for Listen To Your Mother,* I found myself contemplating my Soon-to-Be 14 year old. I love that kid so much... So very much. I wonder; If I died today, would he know? COULD he know? Could any of my children truly understand how very intensely I love them if I was suddenly snatched from their lives?

"Be sure to wash your face every day! Your skin is the first thing people see, you know. And don't be afraid to try something new, just because it's a little scary. Most of my favorite memories in life resulted from taking a risk and being bold. I can't say I have very many outstanding memories because I played it safe and sat on the sidelines..."



* Oh my God, the talent was amazing. AMAZING. And we still have another day to listen to! Melisa and I are drained because we know that in order to have the show, we get to say "yes" to some people and "No" to so many, many more... We could easily do a 3 hour show with the amount of talented writers we heard today...

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