Saturday, August 18, 2012

Where DID this summer go, anyway?

 Sometimes my kids take the batteries from my camera to use in their Xbox remote controls. So, when I attempt to record a lovely trip to a local fair, I end up with 3 total shots before the batteries poop out.
 This situation inevitably leads to much swearing, hair-pulling (theirs; not mine), and threats to confiscate not only their Xbox remote controls but also the television, computer, Nintendo Ds's and anything with any screen in our entire household.
UNfortunately, these threats are impossible to follow through on as they always occur outside of the home and by the time we have left the Fun Family Location, I have relaxed enough to not care quite as much about my lack of photographic evidence of our Fun Family Time.

And so, the cycle continues. They steal the batteries. I hide the batteries. They find the batteries. I end up carrying a useless camera through countless photo ops.
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